Recrea Roda, Investimentos Turísticos, Consultoria e Gestão, Lda is grounded in 1995 in Portugal as a consultant, specialized in developing projects in the field of recreation and tourism. Particularly small-scale projects where sustainability is the main objective, are initiated, developed and managed.

The knowledge of the Portuguese language and the culture, legislation and the contacts we have at various Portuguese Ministries, Recrea Roda, Lda can make a feasibility review in a relatively short period of time. Recrea Roda, Lda also can do the presentations for the different authorities, the marketing to the (potential) customers and the first draft plan, based on the guidelines in the Portuguese law. Hereby we work with various specialist companies, such as lawyers, architects,  controllers and economists and engineering firms and contractors.

* Recrea Roda Investimentos Turísticos, Consultoria e Gestão, Lda has experience in detecting potentially attractive development locations and can make a review of planning options and identify landowners for the possible purchase.

After the initial phase the market concept can be formulated and translated into spatial sketching ideas, followed by a market and feasibility study.
The last years, we executed several projects in the North of Portugal (Minho), Central Portugal, Alentejo and Algarve. The scope of Recrea Roda, Lda therefore completely covers Portugal. Also Parque do Alva is developed and will be mnagerd by Recrea Roda.

*  Recrea Roda Investimentos Turísticos, Consultoria e Gestão, Lda is also specialized in supporting those who wish to settle in Portugal. This support includes not only the search for and purchase of the property, but also the legal and organizational guidance, to survey investment- and bankfacilities or making a Portuguese company. Of course we also arrange the sale of real estate. Also regarding practical matters such as assistance and supervision during the construction or renovation, if necessary.
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