The development of Resort "Parque do Alva" will be executed conform the qualityconditions and rules as described in the legislation about "Aldeamentos turísticos" from the Ministry of  Economy in Portugal.

The construction of the villa´s and the central and common facilities, will be executed under supervision of Recrea Roda, Investimentos, Consultoría e Gestão, Lda. The houses will be sold.

Recrea Roda, Investimentos, Consultoría e Gestão, Lda has the following objectives for Parque do Alva:
• Initiate, develop, implement and operate this Resort, combining red and green targets
• Project has to be “in balance" with the (living) environment
• Encouraging use of sustainable materials and sustainable energy
• Encouraging owners and clients to act the same
• Reduction of energy
• Cooperation with strong partners with the same objective
• Achieving a balanced performance

After finishing the construction, an association of owners will be founded to take care of the common property. Every owner has a part in the community, depending on his private part in the property, normally a percentage of the whole condominium. The association has statutes and rules. The owners all participate in the costs of maintenance and management of the condominium. The common facilities also are gathered in a condominium with an association of owners. The association has a Board in which the owners are represented.

The daily administration, maintenance, management of houses and central facilities and renting out of the houses will be done by a management company connected to the holding Recrea Roda, Investimentos, Consultoría e Gestão, Lda. The main target of this management company, as part of the holding of Recrea Roda, Lda is to do the daily administration, maintenance, management of houses and central facilities commissioned by the association of owners and renting out of the apartments and houses and the operation of the common facilties like restaurant, tennis court, minimarket, wellness centre etc. The management company also offers the possibility for the individual owner to take out the stress of owning a property abroad by offering management services through the management company for the owner. The services available include account management, housekeeping, garden and pool maintenance, provision of quotations for home refurbishment, insurance, security and rental of the property while the owners are not in residence, to the Resort´s tourism or event clients.

The owners and clients can obtain information or request assistance from the for that purpose built facilities, like the reception and office of the management company.  The management company also will manage the member reduction cards issued to the owners (as result of an agreement between the association of owners and the explorers of the central facilities), to use the services and facilities throughout the Resort.

Development, management and exploitation