For Sale:

- 5-star Spa and Wellness Ecoresort, Arganil Portugal
- Located on the banks of Barragem das Fronhas
- Official approved by the Portuguese Government
- Total area 8 ha.
- 58 high quality villas and apartments for sale
- Central facilities include spa and wellness, reception, restaurant, cafe, pools and other
   sports facilities
- Habitable constructions, comfortable in the extremes of both summer and winter
- Price range €125.000 - €300.000
- 210 beds
- 12 units already built
- Some already sold
- 10 foundations are ready for construction
- Area designated for development of water sports
- Near 4 golf courses and other activities in a beautiful natural environment
- Sustainable construction, management and operation
- Integrated into the landscape as part of sustainable development
- Total investment €8.500.000
- Interesting opportunities for EU subsidies


Recrea Roda,
Investimentos Turísticos, Consultoria e Gestão, Lda
0031 654386615

Email: Recrea Roda, Lda
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