The last few years, the Portuguese Government has made a Regional Planning Plan (Plano de Albufeira da das Ordenamento Fronhas, POAF) for a part of the reservoir in the Rio Alva.

The planning area covers, from the dam about 5 km of the river. The "Spa & Wellness EcoResort Parque do Alva" is directly located in this area and is also identified as Development Opportunities.

The Portuguese Ministries of Economic Affairs, Environment and Planning also were actively involved in the process of approval. In addition, the Municipality of the Arganil attaches great importance to the development of this Resort and hopes that the region will get an economic boost too.

During the period that the RD-plan was drawn up, we had the opportunity to review the original design of the Resort "Spa & Wellness EcoResort Parque do Alva" and, if necessary, update and adapt this, by the latest trends. So, some details in the central part of the Resort were changed, changes in functions and/or graphic layout. The quality of the Resort "Spa & Wellness EcoResort Parque do Alva" is further improved. So the layout is classified as a 5-star Spa Resort with a capacity of 210 beds and with 33 villas and 25 apartments and a high level of facilities.

The start of the construction is planned for 2011. Through this website we will keep you informed.

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