The villas come in two types:
- 13 type Alva 1 (T3 100 mē, click here)
- 11 type Alva 2 (T2 70 mē, click here)

For the exterior appearance there has been used the experience of a Portuguese architect. The villas are on large plots, ribbon across the location and taking into account the natural contours and this creates a playful atmosphere. The plot size varies, due to the natural topography of the area, between 300 mē and 600 mē. The plots are numbered and the villas are sold including the plot.
The interior layout provides (limited) possibilities for adjustments, taking into account the requirements prescribed by the Ministry of Tourism.

The colors of the outer wall are adapted to the environment.

The roof is covered with original Portuguese terracotta pots, locally manufactured. The tiles on the walls and the floors are also manufactured in Portugal.

All the houses are equipped with a high quality kitchen with high class equipment and a floor heating system.

Some villas have, given its location in the terrain, the possibility of a basement and there is an option for a carport.

The villas will be delivered fully furnished. Use is made of project knowledge and project experience of IKEA in Lisbon. There are various options available so you can give your home a personal touch.

The application of these environmentally friendly materials creates a harmonious balance between the villas and natural environment. The villas are therefore in a manner fit into the landscape, which makes it feel to live in a natural environment is enhanced.

The Portuguese government has recently tightened the rules with respect to the insulation of houses. On every new home built solar panels should be made in support of the hot water. The norm is that one person per m2 solar panel should be applied. Despite the tightening of building regulations, the insulation values of the villas at "Spa & Wellness EcoResort Parque do Alva" a factor of 2.5 better. Since the beginning of the planning of Parque do Alva's we took account with energy efficiency and sustainable construction and considered to reduce CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Not for nothing "Spa & Wellness EcoResort Parque do Alva" is for sure the first EcoResort of Portugal.

The Villas